What Can You Expect When You Volunteer?

Nothing creates a fuller heart than helping a child grow mentally, physically and spiritually. Abundant Life Ranch believes that every child should experience the simple joys of ranch life, but we couldn’t fulfill that dream without the help of our Volunteers.

We hold Volunteer Workshops several times a year to help our team understand the role they play in keeping the children safe, entertained and engaged. Each volunteer has special skills, gifts, or interest, and our workshop allows the volunteers to explore their unique abilities. We match each volunteer with a specific event or group of children based on their skill set.

Please complete a Volunteer Form today. You can apply online and the Ranch will get back to you regarding opportunities to serve when the next Volunteer Workshop is scheduled.  Thank you,


How to Register

  1. Check our Calendar to see when we have Events scheduled.  If there is a specific event you are interested in helping us with, please let us know. (The are some dates that are not on the public calendar for the privacy of our guest.)
  2. Complete a Volunteer Form