We use the horse to focus on three principles- communication, trust, and respect. Interacting with horses gives us the opportunity to see the importance of listening and perceiving what the other part of a relationship is saying. The horse needs to know that the rider is listening to him and that you know they are listening to you. Next, the horse must trust you. The horse learns to trust you only when he sees that you treat him with respect. The level of trust reflects the amount of respect in the relationship. Just like in any relationship, be it human, spiritual, or between horse and rider, relational health can only be accomplished when there is healthy communication and trust gained through respectful actions.

Our programs include one-on-one sessions, day events for groups and multi-day camps. Most of our participants visit the Ranch for single day events and 90-minute sessions. In all activities, we take care to tailor each session to the needs of each child or pre-existing group.  In addition to our group days and Thursday night sessions, we also offer three 3-day camps during the summer. These multiday camps provide hours of horse time, crafts, devotions and meals during camp hours.  See below for more descriptions of the programs we offer.

Spring Carnival

90-Minutes, 1-on-1

Day Camps

Group Sessions


Cowboy Gathering

Annual Fundraiser

Community Events

Volunteer Workshop