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Abundant Life Ranch was created in 2010 when Doug and Betsy Cockrell felt compelled to share their faith, joy, horses, property and passion for the ranching lifestyle with children in their community. In these past eight years, the Ranch’s programs have extended far beyond their original beginnings and the number of lives impacted by the ministry has grown exponentially. Today the Ranch hosts children from all backgrounds and beliefs through day events, multi-day camps, and weekly 90-minute sessions.

During these events, participants are ushered into a safe place to play, learn and grow together. Our program uses horses to teach important lessons of relational health based on the pillars of Communication, Trust, and Respect. We believe that each person is created to live an abundant life in which they can thrive as individuals and in relationships with one another. Our desire is to fill children’s hearts with the knowledge that they are uniquely created with a plan for their lives and for a purpose.

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